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EFSUMB Course Book     [Editor: Christoph F. Dietrich]
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Chapter 01 - Basic Physical Principles of medical ultrasound- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Postema M, Kotopoulis S, Jenerka K-V]
Chapter 02 - Ultrasound of the Liver - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Dietrich CF, Serra C, Jedrzejczyk M]
Chapter 03 - Estimation of Liver Stiffness using ultrasound waves- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Sporea I, Friedrich-Rust M, Gilja OH]
Chapter 04 - Ultrasound of the Biliary System- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Barreiros A-P, Popescu A, Walton J, Cui Xinwu ,Dietrich CF]
Chapter 05 - Pancreas- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[D’Onofrio M, Vullierme M-P, Valek V, Principe F, Canestrini S, Gallotti A, Pozzi MR]
Chapter 06 - The Spleen - VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Ioanitescu ES, Weskott H-P]
Chapter 07 - Diagnostic approach to lymph node disease in ultrasound- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Weskott H-P, Ioanitescu ES]
Chapter 08 - Transabdominal ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Hollerweger A, Dirks K, Szopinski K]
Chapter 09 - Genitourinary Ultrasound - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Tuma J, Trinkler F, Zát'ura F, Novakova B]
Chapter 10 - Nephrology, transplantation and shunts - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Drudi FM, Malpassini, Di Leo N]
Chapter 11 - Ultrasound of the adrenal glands- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Nûrnberg D, Szebeni A, Zát'ura F]
Chapter 12 - Ultrasound of the Bladder- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Trinkler FB]
Chapter 13 - Ultrasound of the Scrotum - VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Sichu PS, Brkljaèiæ B, Derchi LE]
Chapter 14 - Ultrasound evaluation of the female internal genitalia - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Savelli L]
Chapter 15 - Sonography of the salivary glands soft tissue lesions of the neck - VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Gritzmann N, Quis SA, Evans RM]
Chapter 16 - Thyroid Ultrasound - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Gaitini D, Evans RM, Ivanac G]
Chapter 17 - Chest Sonography - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Mathis G, Sparchez Z, Volpicelli G]
Chapter 18 - Functional ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Gilja OH, Braden B, Piscablia F, Dietrich CF]
Chapter 19 - Interventional Ultrasound- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Nolsoe CP, Lorentzen T, Skjoldbye BO, Nielsen MB, Nilsson A, Solbiati L]
Chapter 20 - Ultrasound and tropical medicine, Parasitic diseases of the Liver - VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Enrico Brunetti, Tom Heller, Francesca Tamarozzi, Adnan Kabaalioglu, Maria Teresa Giordani, Joachim Richter, Roberto Chiavaroli, Sam Goblirsch, Carmen Cretu, Christoph F Dietrich]
Chapter 21 - Ultrasound in vascular disease and introduction- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Deane C, Castellani S, Brkljacic B]
Chapter 22 - Doppler utlrasound of the aorta, inferior vena cava and visceral arteries - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Brkljacic B, Castellani S, Deane C, Dietrich CF]
Chapter 23 - Doppler ultrasound of renal vessels - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Brkljacic B, Castellani S, Deane C, Dietrich CF]
Chapter 24 - Ultrasound of peripheral veins - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Brkljacic B, Castellani S, Deane C, Dietrich CF]
Chapter 25 - Ultrasound evaluation of cerebrovascular obstructive diseases- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Castellani S, Brkljacic B, Deane C, Lucente EAM, Dietrich CF]
Chapter 26 - Ultrasound of peripheral arterial disease- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Deane C, Castellani S, Brkljacic B]
Chapter 27 - Liver Transplantation - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Fabio Piscaglia, Paul Sidhu, Knut Brabrand, Alberto Borghi]
Chapter 28 - Technical Quality Evaluation of Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems - VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Christiam Kollmann, Ladislav Dolezal]
Chapter 30 - Echoscopy - a new concept in mobile ultrasound- VIEW - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Odd Helge Gilja, Fabio Piscaglia, Christoph F. Dietrich]
Chapter 31 - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Tom Heller, Enrico Brunetti, Maria Teresa Giordani, Rosie Conlon, Carlo Filice, Sam Goblirsch, Christoph F. Dietrich]
[Joseph Osterwalder, Alexander Heinzmann, Gebhard Mathis]
Chapter 33 - Echocardiography- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Andreas Hagendorff, Stephan Stoebe]
Extra Chapter - Bone fracture ultrasound- VIEW- DOWNLOAD & PRINT
[Ole Ackermann, Kolja Eckert]

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